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CAN I PLAY is a creative studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Our clients vary in their needs and come from all different corners of the business world. Our passion is to create meaningful design solutions, whether it be working closely with a client or creating something for our own enjoyment, our minds are always ticking.

Can I Play was founded in 2005 by Pete Johnson and AJ Storen who’s backgrounds and work ethic complement each other, bringing a powerful and level headed creative approach to the drawing board. As a studio we hold a strong belief that the creative process is constantly in motion, that ideas come from everywhere and anywhere, not from big words or simply switching on a computer.




At the heart of every good design is a solid concept. Can I Play always seeks to lay the foundations of a project with a strong concept. A strong concept allows the design process to make sense from beginning to end… This produces results.

Attention to detail.

The magic of a project lies in the details. CIP doesn't rest until the finer points of a project are finessed to a point of perfection.

No Bullshit.

We are not an agency, and as such do not involve our selves to the art of talking shit. We are straight shooters all they way. (A few beers may tip us into areas of slight exaggeration however)


Ideas come from everywhere at anytime, we always maintain an open mind to be sure these ideas are allowed to blossom. Good ideas create good concepts which create good projects… Its as simple as that.


We are people people. We strive get to know a client and their needs by developing meaningful relationships through open conversation. The better we know a client, the better we can address their needs.


We are passionate about what we do, its a labor of love for us and as such there's a little bit of love in each of our projects... After all 'Love makes the world go round'

All dimensions.

We like to work across all mediums and in all dimensions when conceptualising a project. Anything 2d, 3d or online works for us, we don't discriminate.

Y-not attitude.

Can I Play is a studio thats not afraid to have a go, we love a challenge and aren't afraid to break the general rules of conformity in doing so... We often find ourselves saying 'fuck it, why not'

Y-not attitude.

Can I Play is a studio thats not afraid to have a go, we love a challenge and aren't afraid to break the general rules of conformity in doing so... We often find ourselves saying 'fuck it, why not'



Good ideas create good concepts, good concepts create good design and good design adds value to any project. We like to start projects thinking about possibilities.


The design stage is where we transform ideas into meticulously crafted applications ready for production.


We take great care in the production of our designs. CIP can manage the design process whether it be printed collateral, construction for online applications or building furniture in the workshop below our studio.


Brand Creation

Graphic Design


Web & Online


Fit-out Design

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